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Sabahat Jamil was born in the village of Abbottabad named Bandhe Mera in 11th March 2000. He got his early education from a private school named Young Scholars Academy. He was always in top 3. Later, He went to a Iqra-Roza-tul-Itfal for his 5th class there he only studied for only one year. After that he joined Model Islamia Public School for his 6th grade and there too he studied only for one year. Finally, he was in rolled in first Government school of his life Government High School No#3. This School was considered to be the best government school in entire Hazara region. There he did his matriculation. He was in the model class of 10th of Government High School No#3.
He started to learn programming in vacations because it made him feel he was creating something of his own by that. Later, He started his Fsc in 2015 in Government Post Graduate College No#1 Abbottabad and was in rolled in Pre-medical section of studies. There too he was in model section of Pre-medical course. After he finished his college he was desperate to do something that really mattered where most of Pre-med student’s would try to get in for MBBS. He never had any interest to become a doctor because he always wanted to one to something unique. He always dreamed of becoming of a Scientist more precisely a genetic engineer but his passion for programming and very limited genetic engineering faculty and also absence of advance equipment of genetic engineering lead him to bioinformatics. It was because he thought he could study bioinformatics so that we can analyze the things and do the simulations ahead than he would apply genetic engineering. But at that time something inside him was changing too. He was getting inspired by entrepreneurs how they do these marvelous stuffs. He developed a great interest in this field too because where ever he thought he could do something new he went ahead . He developed many business ideas. A friend of his introduced him to boy named Ammaz. Ammaz already had the idea for EasyAccess and was working on it. They started to work on it.
Same time he enrolled into BS program in Bioinformatics. He started doing research in first semester with the guidance and supervision of great teachers named Muhammad Rizwan, Sajid Khan and Anum Munir. In third semester he and his research partner Jamil participated in an international conference on bioinformatics Named CBICs 6th and won first prize in Poster presentation. Afterwards, there held a Science fair named Regional Olympiad by Director of Science and Technology. There too in competition of scientific ideas in his category he and his research partner won the first prize. In 19 years of age published a research article. A national conference was held in Hazara University Manshera he participated in Oral Research presentation and won the “Best Oral Presentation” title. Then in first Conference held by a college he participated into two categories Oral Research Presentation and Scientific ideas /Scientific models presentation. Here too he won prizes in both of them in first prize in Oral presentation and second prize in scientific model presentation. He was awarded with a shield of excellent student by jamiyat islamia in award ceremony in Jala baba Auditorium. The winners of Regional Olympiad were invited as participants in Grand Finale in Creative Fest held in Peshawar. There winners of all regions from KPK were participating once again he has his team won first prize.
He was doing all of this along with the being a director of EasyAccess. The dream of EasyAccess is to give the costumers and partners the best in both facilitation and compensation for their efforts from a Pakistani brand so that many houses can get a good and continuous source of income. This way more and more people can be inspired to build local brands and this way the economy and overall conditions of Pakistan can be very prosperous. The team and he was working hard in each and every step planning, managing and marketing to make the dream of EasyAcccess come true. He was a newbie in field of business Ammaz taught he the rules and tactics of business. Now Insha ALLAH soon enough EasyAccess will be launcing with it great mission of making Pakistanis to tap into their latent business potential Pakistan a thriving country.